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THE REALM Project [切换简体中文]

Please read the Terms of Services and our Privacy Policy carefully before using the services provided by THE REALM Project.

  • It costs us around 45 USD a month to keep this project running.
  • We provide these services for free.
  • Support this project by becoming a patron!
  • Follow newest project updates on our Telegram Channel.

Please DO NOT use keywords such as "VPN" in Chinese social medias

As the Chinese government has access to wechat conversation histories, do not use words like "vpn" in Chinese applications. If this project has to be mentioned, please use nicknames like Silkroad Project or The Realm Project.

List of Servers

Mainland China connects slowly to Japan nodes due to low ISP bandwidth.
Therefore American nodes are recommended.

Server Address Country Mainland China America America Japan Japan

Available Services and Ports

Each of our server supports the same list of protocols.
All services have their universal designated port.

For example, AnyConnect on server Japan 1 will be on
This service will also be available on Japan 2 with the corresponding address:port being

Service Port
AnyConnect 7000
Shadowsocks 7001
V2Ray 7002
WireGuard 7003
Trojan 7004

Purpose of Project

Internet security and privacy is, and it has been a privilege. THE REALM project looks at providing a secure, safe and fast networking solution for our users. Our servers supports multiple proxy and VPN protocols.